Happy birthday…

I sent this to you on your birthday but decided today that I should keep it.

Happy Birthday Glenn since you are turning 18 here are 18 things I admire about you.
1. You always try to make me feel better when I’m sad.
2.When I see you smile I get butterflies even when it’s not because of me //like at the movies you started laughing (I dont remember why) and I had the worst tingley feeling in my stomach.//
3.You’ve changed how I view the world //before I met you I never placed any sort of credence in coincidences but then I realized coincidences are all life is//
4. You like my puns (to some degree)
5.You are sometimes just as curious about me as I am about you.
6. Even when you are too busy to talk, just reading over our old conversations make me happy. // early this morning I woke up from a nightmare and so I read our conversations from the past week and was able to go back to sleep//

7. You make me understand the meanings of songs better. //before I started talking to you I hadn’t had a lot of experience telling people how I feel about them or all the feelings that come with it since then you’ve made me feel things I’ve never felt.//
8. You understand me…or at least try to (I know how difficult that can be)
9. You make my daydreams seem possible just for a second. (even though I know just how impossible they are) //Side note: How would you feel about black overalls?//
10. You are the only person that can break my heart and make me so happy at the same time.
11.(eleven is my favorite doctor so it’s going to be my favorite thing about you) Your eyes are so beautiful. Not because of their deep color but how I feel when looking them. //As if my soal could curl up in their warmth and stay there forever.//
12. We have more in common than I suspected we would.

13.You are almost as geeky as I am. Well I don’t know. I think that we are just as geeky as one another but I think I’m a bit of a different breed of geek.
14. Falling asleep is so easy when I’m thinking about you and staying awake is so much easier when I’m talking to you.
15. Sometimes I don’t know what the perfect response is to a message is until you respond with something that makes me really happy or makes me laugh.
16. I trust you. //I know you might not
think that is a big deal but it is there isn’t anybody that I trust more than you…I mean I’ve placed my heart at your feet and you’ve had every oppertunity it completely crush it and yet you haven’t (Not completely anyway)
17. You make me feel good about my most embarrassing thoughts.
18. Words can’t begin to describe how wonderful I find you.//I truly think that you are the closest thing to perfection that has touched the earth.//


I wonder (yes..another poem)


Do you know how much I care

Even though I just sit and stare?

As you wipe her lipstick off your face

Do you wish that mine would take its place?

Do you see me when you close your eyes

Even though she’s by your side?

As you see my name on your phone

Do you wish I would leave you alone?

Do you want me to hold you tight

Even though you think it’s not right?

As you start to fall asleep

Do you think about what we could be?

I wonder…

With you

I think I want you more than want
And no I need you more than need
I want to hold you more than hold
When you stood in front of me

-The Script


Each day you look at me the same way.  Whether I have jeans and no makeup on or if I have a dress it doesn’t matter.  Your eyes are always wide and looking deep into mine as if you are searching for something in my soul.  When you at me a million thoughts run through my mind.

I often think about dancing in your garage with no music.  Being held so close and spun around.  Your lips kissing my hand after our feet stopped moving.   I think about all of the times you whispered “I love you” into my ears knowing I wouldn’t have said that I love you too.  I think about all of the unexpected hugs and all the times you picked me up with excitement.

I wish that each time I see you I could run into your arms and stay there for hours.  Time seems to stand still in the moments that I spend wrapped up in you and I wish it actually would.

It’s been too long since I’ve felt like I could tell anyone as much as I tell you.  But I vent to you and you keep a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.  And believe me, I’ve needed it a lot lately.  It’s so nice to know that no matter how crazy my life gets you want to be there each step of the way.

You would give anything to keep me happy 24/7.  And you know that I would do the same for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to give so all I give you is the bits of time that I have.

I hope you know how happy you make me.  I hope you see it in my eyes just like I see it in yours.



“And I wish that you could feel it. But you don’t choose to believe it cause I know that you can’t see it that way.”~Beautiful Like You by Lee DeWyze

More often times than not when I call someone beautiful they disagree and then point out all their flaws or things that they don’t like about themselves.

I never said that you’re flawless or that you don’t have insecurities.  I said you were beautiful.  When I tell you that you are beautiful I hope you know that I admire you not only for the things that I think are absolutely perfect about you but I also say it because I know about your flaws.  I have flaws too…Believe me.    

I wish you could look into the mirror and see all the great things that I see when I look at you.  Even if it’s for a few seconds.  I wish that you could believe me when I say “You’re beautiful”.  I really do think so.  I wish I could convince you.  But I know I’ll probably never be able to.  I wish I could show you how amazing you are to me because I know the mirror whispers awful things into your ears.

Stop negatively categorizing yourself or putting a label on what you see because I what I see is you and you are beautiful.

So if I could scream all of this to you I would.  But I can’t so here I am telling the world that I think you are beautiful and leaving them to ask the question “who is this about?”  It’s about you……..

~Colorful Daydreamer

You are appreciated

“Cause it’s you, who takes care of everyone else. You, need to allow me to help, you Ohh, appreciated-Cause it’s you who somehow is always the first, to, take care of me at my worst. You are appreciated”~Appreciated by Rixton


I know to think that you  aren’t.  I know you think that people don’t care about you.  But people do…do.  I can’t even express it.  I hope you know that you are much more than a face in the crowd or an acquaintance.  You are someone who I’ve been lucky enough to get to know.

I know that people always go to you for help.  And you always help because you care.  You can always see when other people are upset.  You always lend your hand even if both of them are tied.  And yet when your smile is a shield and, your laugh is a scream people don’t notice.  But I’ll be here. As long as you want.

I know that I’m an awkward person that never knows what to say.  But I want you to know that there is so much you do for people.

Thank you.  Who knows where we’d be if we didn’t know of each other’s existence.  I can’t believe how understanding you are.  When I do something stupid you laugh.  When I say something crazy you respond as if it’s totally normal.

I know that I’m crazy cheesy.  But I hope the words you read from me help with the pain of your hardest days.  I know how difficult it is to ask for help from someone or to talk to somebody.  But you are never a bother.  I always want to talk and I don’t care what it is we talk about.

I know how much you wish you could catch everybody as they fall.  I know that you stretch yourself so far.

I hope you know how much you are worth.  Even if it’s just for a few little moments.

Here’s a poem for you


I want your face to get red as you look at me
I want you to look at me and feel as happy as you make me
I want you to feel your heart race when I smile
I want you to feel terrified and at the same time excited each time I enter the room
I want you to feel terrified that you’ll mess things up
Just for a day

I want you to be the one to watch my back as I walk away
I want you to be the one who dreams about me
I want you to be the one to be surprised when I text you
I want you to be the one who has a smile they can’t get rid of because you’re thinking of me
Just for a day

I want to feel something less
I want to look at you and just see a person I occasionally talk to
I want to look at you without butterflies or blushing or my heart racing
I just want things to be switched
I want to be the one you tell things to
Just for a day

It would make you understand
It would make you realize how important you are
It would free me from my mind
It would also trap you inside of yours
Just for a day

I know you won’t feel as I do
I know I will never make you that happy
I know that this would never happen
Even if it was…
Just for a day