I want you to know that I’m done.  I’m done waiting for you to reach out to me.  I’m done hoping you’ll tell me all the things I want to hear.  I’m done with the idea of being a part of your life.  I’m done letting you be a part of mine.  I’m done with the one-word responses to everything I say.  I’m done falling.  I’m done with you.

I’m sick of hearing songs and picturing your hand in mine.  I’m sick of the stupid promises because nothing ever changes.  I’m sick of the voices in my head screaming your name as tears run down my face.

I know she’s still by your side.  My heart still stings.  I hope she makes you happy because I was never able to.  I hope you tell her you love her every day.

You will never see these words.  You’ll never know why I’m not talking to you.  I know that you’ll forget about me (if you haven’t already).  I know you won’t miss me.  And I’ll never hear from you again.


~Your old friend